mercredi 11 mars 2009

A plane full of monkeys

As a plane full of monkeys made for the skies to witness the last printing of
the Italian paper l'Unita, one of their favorite reads,
researchers were asking how such a large number of
primates could board and fly together without being disruptive and mocking
federal aviation guidelines. Anthropologists were aiming theories whether the chimps may develop and endo or exo-cannabalistic tendency on board based on digs from the 11th century where a large mass of bones were found with no vertebra. The premise to be made is that all these little bones were sucked dry for their marrow. A new theory of this has been named "malaxo-cannibalism" that is eating one's own just for the chewy pleasure.

At the same time, in France, Arlette Laguiller, better known as Arlette, was declaring the
rebirth of communism in the face of Total's firing of some 500 employees despite its
14 + billion dollar profit for 2008.
And so to face this economic crises all means or measures are open or closed: Ghandi's glasses
were auctioned off so its owner could benefit of a few years of bowls of peaceful rice.

Yet in such hard times despite there being less and less to do these days the French are spending more and more nights sleepless (on average they are down to 6 hours and 58 minutes (which means in a century they will be sleeping 4 hours and 36 minutes)) . In America sleeping is steady but eating habits has gone from the l4inch sandwich to the one footer, indicating a change in eating trends.
And maybe this will all be fine except that the Russians have replaced the Americans as the first heroin users
-Americans are more drawn to shooting arms these days than horses- and the Russians are shooting for their new status where money is squandered and only dancing and singing still hold the platform.

mardi 3 mars 2009

Solar upturns

Since President Obama's using the web like no other President, and we can now participate virtually in a democracy that builds on responsibility and self-esteem,
I didn't hesitate to send to this carbon-low administration my suggestion to power
the White House with solar energy
-just as long as they put my name to the credit of it

And in his address to the government Obama rightly questioned why is it that Germany out does America in clean energy while we here at home cook up and innovate only to close down our legendary car institutions.

This is a 2009 version of an electrically powered Trabant

And so America can be looked at like a beautiful girl chained to a radiator
Waiting vainly perhaps for a plucked Prometheus to come about and save her!
Her struggling IS a waste of energy and only China who, having bid a non-bid on the famous Emperor Qianlong bronze pig and rabbit heads once formerly owned by Yves Saint Laurent (but also by the French military that plucked them up from a site they burnt down)
is the only country that may rescue our bumbling economy.

Yet economic growth and prosperity lies elsewhere.
For example in Gaza where just following an economic summit a number of countries have pledged over $3 billion. This time the rebuilding of this strategic and special city -to avoid an exodus of words let's just say it's a dense, Palestinian populated place where conflict has no rest-

will be done in such a way that the newly forged houses will incorporate special receptors so that
fighter planes will have an easier time targeting them and surgical operations will become commonplace if not non-surgical. The rebuilding of the sites once bombed, then bombed again only to be rebuilt will be an efficient way to stimulate a depressed housing market and the method may be exported outside of Gaza even in areas of non-conflict.