samedi 14 décembre 2013


Delete, efface, cancel, expunge
Delete, efface, cancel, expunge

Away I take my time to take it
Away I take time then take it


This is the time it must me taken away
This is the time when we cart it
When we smell a wafting molecular menace


She will come around the bend at  dawn
A 10 ton rear-loading dump truck
That sends mice scattering down the street when they her compressor compress

Under the crushing weight there is no time to decompose
no time to filter out what might not belong
Everything is here: in this mozaic of refuse
The music of Bach flows

It is long after the picnic we took in the heat of Pompei 

Today we trash it
Then sit down with a glass of wine and enjoy the day


mercredi 4 décembre 2013

Jobbik Party looses a precious Tapir

Tapiregerdi was one of the most outspoken members of the Jobbik Party. In Hungary he had free say to put down jews, gypsies, blacks and any ethnic monstrosity other than pure Hungarian.

The Hungarian police supports the Jobbik, and Tapiregerdi (or Tapirmouse in English) was invited to speak in front of many crowds and pocketed lots of money from fundraisers.

One day Tapiregerdi was approached by Ducky Duck and who decided to rat on his old friend: Tapiregerdi was a Jew and the Jobbik was going to hang him sooner or later. Tapiregerdi tried to pay off Ducky Duck and even offered him a bottle of champagne.

But even the best foie gras wouldn't have made Ducky Duck change his mind. 
 On April 8th, 2013, at 10:10 am precisely, Tapiregerdi was denounced by Ducky Duck of being Jewish. "Tapiregerdi a jew!"laughed Captain Rendorsheg, the head of the police and occasional drinking partner.

Big Josephina, better known as Captain Rendorsheg, the head of the Hungarian Police having a discussion with Tapiregedi in March of 2013.

Today, Tapiregerdi has swung 180 degrees: she now denounces the Jobbik Party and is a staunch believer for the rights of Jews, Gypsies and all minorities to reside in Hungary without  discrimination. Tapiregerdi has made many calls to discuss this issue with Big Josephina -his former girlfriend- but she has cut all contact with him.