mercredi 14 mai 2014

Godzilla is coming

The Japanese capital was under red alert
Every road was swamped
Cars trying to leave could have been
Statically stacked on top of each other

37 Izukuma Street Chiyoko
On the 22nd floor of a 1960's high-rise
Was in his bath
The water
Hotter than usual
Was there to take him away from thoughts of
Concentric ripples flowed to

The pink extremities of his toes.

Ryuunosuke was running in her
Clumsy platform high-heeled pumps
to the nearest metro

She had been to her elderly parents but
No pleading would have them leave.
Through her thick glasses her mom
Said she had seen Godzilla before
She squinted and a tear ran to the tatami

Rushing through the turnstile her dress
Got caught
People were pushing her from behind
She felt pain and then went cold

An ambitious 28-year old reporter photographer for Reuters was
Running in the opposite direction of the crowd
From Afghanistan to Syria
He had seen conflicts, gunfire, skirmishes
His hand was so steady friends would shake
his table while he ate soup to see some spill
In vain: Hoshikomury slurped his soup without

Missing a drop
The reporter looked up and up
Feeling the hot air of his breath.


Manami was an 8-year old lost
In the streets of Tokyo
The swarm of people pushed her away from
Her parents
Her cries were invisible in the
Mounting panic
The streets were empty
Manami picked up a small rope near a lamppost

She started to jump rope on one foot because the other
Lost its shoe
The sound shock threw her to her knees
She thought she was crying but
She could not hear herself

Making transactions buying and selling
Copper, silver and even lithium was all
Sakurako was about
He was a smart talker in his smart shark-skinned
Suit, knitted eyebrows and a phone so pronounced

His left ear
Was flatter than the right one
His fingers flashed over his keyboard 
Somehow the empty open space office didn't affect him

"Ah-huh, ah-huh, ahhhhh, ah-huh" he said

Sakurako was never a genius for words yet
He always went to the point

"2,000,000 Yen is too much, you must do betta, betta, ah-ha."

Suddenly his screen went black and the lights went out
He quickly swiveled in his executive chair
Another light
Deeper, more terrifying than any light he had seen
The light of Godzilla's eye!
Illuminated pearls of sweat on his forehead